Your Finances

One of the main concerns people have is that they are not sure if they can afford to retire. They compare their income now to their expected pension income and think it’s not affordable for them to stop working.

To help you think and plan around your new lifestyle and the finances you need, we have provided some tools which should help you plan your own ‘journey towards retirement’.

Contact my wealth for financial advice

You may have recently attended a University of Lincoln workshop provided by WEALTH at work – a leading provider of financial education in the workplace. If so, financial advice is available to you through my wealth to help you plan for your retirement.

WEALTH at work and ‘my wealth’ are trading names of Wealth at Work Limited which is a member of the Wealth at Work group of companies.

The financial education programme is currently being reconstructed. Invitations will be issued to employees when the new courses are available and this site will be updated in due course.