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Welcome to the UoL Lifechoice website.

This website has been specifically created to support University of Lincoln employees who are considering retirement. It includes useful information on the income options available at-retirement and also things to consider for your lifestyle in retirement, along with online tools to help with your financial planning.


Retirement can last a long time, so you’ll need to consider this when working out a budget. Creating a budget can help to estimate how much income you might need in your retirement.

"We help you to understand how to maximise the value of your workplace savings and benefits."

Ian Hodson, Rewards and Benefits Manager, University of Lincoln

Contact ‘my wealth’ for regulated financial advice

You may have recently attended a seminar provided by WEALTH at work* – a leading financial wellbeing and retirement specialist. If so, regulated financial advice** is available to you to help you plan your retirement, through my wealth.

* WEALTH at work and my wealth are trading names of Wealth at Work Limited which is a member of the Wealth at Work group of companies.
** Subject to availability and qualifying criteria.


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